Memory Tokens: The Auction
May 19th, 2021

I recently published an essay talking about the experience minting my own memories.

I didn't have a plan when doing so, I just wanted to experiment with what an NFT could be. And although I had minted these works at the end of 2020 to early 2021, with Mirror's splits, and the open-source auction method $BOUNTY, I was able to not only bring these works back into the fore; I could do so with the proper attribution attached in an effort to give back to those who took part, supported my experiment, and of course on-ramp my friends into Crypto.

1 DJ Set, 1 Voice Note, 1 Essay.

Today, May 19th, 2021 the auctions for SYNESTHESIA, Chinese Omelette OST, and In Vitro Nostalgia will be available for auction on Zora and Mirror.

SYNESTHESIA has a reserve price of 1.5 ETH.
Chinese Omelette OST has a direct sale price of 5 ETH, at auction the reserve price will be 2 ETH.
In Vitro Nostalgia has a reserve price of 0.1 ETH.


Chinese Omelette OST

In Vitro Nostalgia

Owning The NFMTs

For any owner of the NFMTs, here are a set of perks you get associated with the works. You don't have to purchase the set although it is highly encouraged!

  • Become a proud owner of a body of work that honors attribution, patronage, and experimentation of a new medium in cryptomedia.

  • A massive signal that onboarding your peers into crypto can stem from giving back in a meaningful, permanent way.

  • Showing a tangible symbol of support to cultural creatives.

  • Owning a special edition hardcover version of the physical book of my Artist-in-residence experience in Japan. ARTEFACT[S]

  • A zoom or IRL (depending on where you live) meeting discussing the creation of the NFTs, their underlying experiences, other sources of inspiration, and future expansion of the NFMT (non-fungible memory token) concept.


The splits breakdown will derive from the sale of the "In Vitro Nostalgia" essay, the Chinese Omelette OST, and SYNESTHESIA. Because SYNESTHESIA is auctioned through Zora's deployment of $BOUNTY and not on Mirror, 30% of those funds will be added as a tip to the two split contracts attached to this essay.

Splits Breakdown

To emphasize proper attribution, I wanted to deploy one split contract with recipients that influenced the Secret Party Trilogy, SYNESTHESIA respectively. At the end of the auction period, the ETH within these splits will be claimable to the recipients below.

Split Recipients of Secret Party Trilogy (Chinese Omelette OST Auction):
Fusion Art Japan Residency (30%)
Starnilas Oge

Split Recipients of SYNESTHESIA (Zora Auction) + Essay NFT Auction:

SCAD Roomies (30%)
W.T. Warmoth
Armani Mayo
Patrick O'Connor

General Recipients of both Split contracts

$BOUNTY Holders(10%)

MintFund Treasury (10%)
About MintFund

Individuals of Note (10%)
Jacob Horne
Bria Thomas
Darling Savage
V (vsnaire)
Nicky Chulo
Leighton McDonald
Yobi Bryant

What's Next

As I continue to work with sound, my next set of NFTs will be set alongside two initiatives: MintMusic + Voyager Sound.

MintMusic is a decentralized community that fosters experimentation, collaboration through music, AND shipping public goods for others to build upon.

Voyager Sound is an entertainment house started by my brother Zaakir (Yobi Bryant) that covers artist management, label, publishing, and touring. The VS collective stems from the roots of Zaakir's devotion to sonic creativity and innovation within the entertainment business.

Currently, music doesn't have the fanfare and hold like visual art. With MintMusic + Voyager Sound, we have an opportunity to fund musicians at scale.

More on this later.

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