It’s me again. It’s been a while since I’ve posted on my own mirror. But we are back in a big way. Over the past two months, you might have seen some activity around a #CRYPTOCOOKOUT—we set out to purchase black cryptopunks and change the way people value black identifying Avatar NFTs. The digital reclamation of identity is one of the core tenets I practice in this space and it lends credence to my working thesis on Creative Immortality.

The short of it, is that the blockchain is a research and discovery tool which can be wielded to preserve culture and ancestral history. Today, a shining example of such practice can be found in artists like Lyonna Lyu and Yatreda.

We Want Yatreda

The Blockchain as a compendium of ancestral myth, lore and tradition.

To start, let’s just read this perfect tweet from Cyn Bahati:

What a bar.

What we know for certain is that the work of Yatreda is some of the best we’ve seen as NFTs. A backdrop which peers into the layers of Ethiopian tradition paired with motion to make our history feel alive—not only is a masterclass in technical execution, but a lego block to a new way for anyone to engage with history.

This is why we want these works. To support storytellers tangibly and push our stories to the fore. The problem is, Yatreda has been on a TEAR. Her work has garnered many to purchase them and sometimes, many of us cannot afford it. So, I’m proposing something different in concert with my peers.

We’re going to crowdfund for them.


Crowdfund — How it works

This is pretty simple. Somewhat.

What would have been a PartyBID, cannot simply due to the new contract FND has pushed out under a “collections” model. PartyBID does not fully support it yet so until they do, we will raise funds here, hopefully win a few of these pieces and then fractionalize them on

We are looking to raise 15 ETH minimum with a 50 ETH hardcap.

15 Eth allows us to spread our chances of bidding on each work, 50 ETH gives us a fighting chance to secure some of the more sought after works.

Assuming this works, I’ve created a proxy wallet that will initially receive the funds and will be used to bid with input from the backers. For every backer, with tokens, I will create a discord channel or twitter group dm to coordinate actions for us to take as the auction continues.


  • Contribute to fund here
  • Receive $KINGE tokens (this will be used to calculate your % of ownership in the NFT tokens if we win them)
  • Reach Crowdfund Goal
  • Close Crowdfund
  • Coordinate Auctions on Twitter/Discord
  • Win a few
  • Fractionalize the NFTs
  • Airdrop NFT tokens to all holders
  • Rejoice