RIP: Take Your Vitamins / Twitter NFT Crowdfund Experiment
July 29th, 2021

So, this didn't work. Which is fine. Sometimes you try to get something off the ground and doesn't take flight. No worries. Instead, I just closed the fund. Sent the funds back to each backer.

What we learned

Sometimes you get a spontaneous idea to take hold. Sometimes, there's not enough momentum to push it. I did some work on twitter and telegram but could I have shilled this daily? Possibly, but it was one of those, 'in the moment' type of things where if action isn't captured immediately, it won't stick.

No problem, upwards and onwards. If anything, the 4 of us have these $VITAMIN tokens. And we have a history based mint machine in Proof of I'm going to curate a special collection (if they'll let me), about this failed experiment so our little tribe can grab a memento (and so can you) of what transpired here.

Or I'll figure out some super fun thing for us to do with them. Maybe we'll do some NFTs. Or a special token-permissioned thing. Who knows.

Till next time,

I'm throwing this up quickly because there is an auction hosted by AGAH (Art Gallery Auction House) for the #1 edition Twitter Vitamin T NFT. The reserve is 15 ETH and I don't have 15 ETH, but maybe all of us in the community does!

So I figure, what if we just all had a chance to own this awesome NFT in an attempt to bid for it? And when we decide to flip it, our split will automatically disperse the value in ETH to every respective participant.

If you want to hop in on this, throw some bread up in the crowdfund! If we don't make it, you'll be able to claim your ETH back no problem.

Currently the ETH from the crowdfund will go to this wallet: 0x0Ee4B8555122dd8b3116713b6DF472dA6CE57334 and if we win the NFT, we will collectively vote on multisig holders and create a wallet with Gnosis Safe to hold the NFT.

Afterward, we'll create a telegram channel to coordinate what we'll do with the NFT moving foward. This is a piece of history, it would be cool for the community to mobilize to own a piece of it.

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