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BLVKHVND — dSports Organization
July 29th, 2021

When the pandemic started in 2020, myself and my friends (Blvk0ut, Rolvel, and ATM) started a streaming group BLVKHVND to pass the time and compete as an eSports team. The only problem was, we all had different systems, equipment, internet speeds, access to games...there was a whole lot that made us very unique and we had different interests insofar as WHAT we wanted to play and HOW we wanted to play it.

BLVKHVND Core Team: Sirsu (Vain), MVGIC (ATM), Rolvel, Blvk0ut
BLVKHVND Core Team: Sirsu (Vain), MVGIC (ATM), Rolvel, Blvk0ut

The ones that started it all

Sirsu (also referred to as Vain) was a competitive FGC, TCGs, RPGs, and FPS player from 2004-13 with titles like Halo 2, Halo 3, COD Black Ops, Pokemon, Yugioh! to Street Fighter 3rd Strike. Playing in the MLG circuit (prior to the MLG / Gamebattles merger), he won 22 4 v 4 team battles through COD Black Ops, was in the top 2000 players for Guitar Hero 3, won local tournaments with Street Fighter and Pokemon. For current titles, Sirsu is a Platinum Apex Ranked, and top ten in PVP NA region for AVARIAvs.

July 23rd, 2021

So, this didn't work. Which is fine. Sometimes you try to get something off the ground and doesn't take flight. No worries. Instead, I just closed the fund. Sent the funds back to each backer.

What we learned

Sometimes you get a spontaneous idea to take hold. Sometimes, there's not enough momentum to push it. I did some work on twitter and telegram but could I have shilled this daily? Possibly, but it was one of those, 'in the moment' type of things where if action isn't captured immediately, it won't stick.

May 19th, 2021

I recently published an essay talking about the experience minting my own memories.

I didn't have a plan when doing so, I just wanted to experiment with what an NFT could be. And although I had minted these works at the end of 2020 to early 2021, with Mirror's splits, and the open-source auction method $BOUNTY, I was able to not only bring these works back into the fore; I could do so with the proper attribution attached in an effort to give back to those who took part, supported my experiment, and of course on-ramp my friends into Crypto.

May 16th, 2021

Non-Fungible Memory Tokens [NFMTs]

Memories. What do they reveal about you? What do they remind you of? A forgotten time? The nostalgia of an experience since passed?

As combed through the various voice recordings on my iPhone, I found a selection of memories from a secret party in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. I didn't immediately think to make them into NFTs. It wasn't until I had gone through the motions on Zora and the audio looped that it clicked; this was the perfect experiment in documenting, sharing, and collecting memories.